Strong heroines. Noble heroes. Extra sizzle.

The Ninth Star

Faced with impossible odds, Manon does what any woman would do to save Arthur, the love of her life, and her brothers: she makes a deal with the Devil.    

Shopkeeper & Spoon

This is a four story romance anthology. My contribution is called The Truth in Scars and is a historical romance set in Montréal in 1812.

Jaded Hearts

(A high heat, western historical romance)

What’s a woman to do when her future is snatched from her? Fight for it.

Excerpt from a historical romance

Lisette du Bellay's silk skirts swooshed around her ankles. She followed the footman down a marbled-floored hallway lined with mirrors trimmed in ornate frames. Her eyes adjusted to the shimmering thousand-crystal chandelier or a sitting room. 

A Romantic Sci-Fi Anthology

Sergeant Major Emerlynne Turner watched the Jubliee’s docking clamps secure to Archimedes Station. Thirty years ago, when Archimedes was built, it had been an architectural marvel. Six massive, curved pylons attached by transport tubes and walkways nestled in a nebula. 

Head and Tales Two Sides of the Story ~ A supernatural anthology

Arthur Osborne pressed flat in the brush alongside the road, his fingers curled around the stock of his Brown Bess. One squeeze, and he’d drop the enemy soldier in his sights.

Excerpt of fantasy romance short story

Agne stood before the door of her shop, the clatter of horse hooves and din of passersby washing over her. She reached into the pocket of her skirts for her keys, but she did not need them. The door swung open. 

Excerpts of a historical romance

Decima Sextus ran her hand over a bolt of silk. Bright yellow circles were woven onto a background of effervescent blue. Such a beautiful pattern, cheerful and bright.

Excerpts of a cyberpunk

Dressed in linen dress trousers and a white silk blouse, Ine Arai strode down Harada Conglomerate’s marble tiled foyer.