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The Officer's Gamble

After a disastrous relationship, Officer Manny Pereira has one thing on his mind: get his career back on track. He comes across the stunning and dogged Sylvie Pelletier on patrol investigating burned vegetation. Hounded by a reporter looking for her next scoop, harassed by wealthy interests, and under pressure from his boss, Manny must shift through a series of complicated relationships to catch the culprit. Manny puts his career and life on the line to solve the case. 
Will his gamble pay off?
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Renée's Series

The Outdoorsman Series Of Books

Book 1:  The Game Warden's Match
Latest Release: Book 2: The Officer's Gamble

The Heartened By Sport Series Of Novella's

Newest Release: Seven Points of Contact:  Miranda Taylor swings for the fences for a chance at love.

Frontier Hearts Series Of Books

Latest Release:  Jaded Hearts:  What’s a woman to do when her future is snatched from her? Fight for it.

The Nearer Realm Tales Series Of Books

Book 1: Calanthe tracks down her husband and finds out why he abandoned her, she has only one thing left to do: save the world.

The Supernatural War of 1812 Series Of Books

Latest Release: The Ninth Star: Faced with impossible odds, Manon does what any woman would do to save Arthur, the love of her life, and her brothers: she makes a deal with the Devil.


Book 1:  In atoning for her past, Kana risks her future.

Collections And Anthologies

Newest Book:  Heartened by Crime:  A multi-genre collection of crime romance stories.