Upcoming Releases

James and Mirabelle's Story. Book 1 of The Outdoorsman Series

Release date Fall 2021. 
Investigator James Acker stood over the corpses of three dead moose—one cow and two calves. 

Heads and Tales - A supernatural anthology

A collection of duology supernatural short stories. Release July 2021. Purchasing details to follow

Collection of Romantic Sports Short Stories and Novellas

I plan to release a collection of romantic sports stories in fall 2021. Details, snippets, and title to follow.

A Gift of Stars

Fantasy romance. I am for a release in 2022.

Historical Western Romance

To stretch my writing skills, I wrote my first historical western romance for NaNoWriMo 2020. It's drafted, now it needs significant edits. I hope to release it in 2021.

Book 2 of the Outdoorsman Series (contemporary romance)

Titles are the last thing I give a work in progress. Contemporary romance #2 is the sequel to contemporary romance #1. Don't you love my logic? I want to write it in 2021.

The Shopkeeper Anthology 

This is a romance anthology centred around the theme of shopkeepers. Release date spring 2022.