Upcoming Releases

Book 2 of the Outdoorsmen Series

A contemporary romance. Titles are the last thing I give a work in progress. Book 2 of The Outdoorsmen Series will be released in October 2022. 

Series 2 of The Supernatural War of 1812 - Summer 2023 

There will be second duology about another battle in the War of 1812 released in summer 2023. 

Book 1 of A Gift of Stars Fantasy Romance series 

There are some plot issues I need to get my head around, namely, there are 13 skirmishes/fights in the book—far too many. I need to increase the tension without relying on the raiders to do it. Thanks for your patience.

Novella 2 of Heartened By Sport

Anticipated release date December 2022

Book 2 of Frontier Hearts

Anticipated release date of March 2023


Book 1 of Cyberpunk series June 2023