Upcoming Releases

A Gift of Stars

A southerly wind blew the dry needles on the yellow cedars sending an eerie moan through the forest. A shiver raced down Lord Sanders Maksiner Persungen’s spine. He spun on his heel, sword ready, knees bent, ready to lunge into combat.

Star Crossed  ~ An Anthology

A romantic science fiction anthology based on one photograph. Release date spring 2021. It doesn't have a name yet, but it will. I promise.

Collection of Romantic Sports Short Stories and Novellas

I plan to release a collection of romantic sports stories in fall 2021. Details, snippets, and title to follow.

Contemporary Romance #1

I wrote my first contemporary romance in July 2020. It needs editing but I hope to release it in 2021. Stay tuned for previews and excerpts.

Historical Western Romance

To stretch my writing skills, I wrote my first historical western romance for NaNoWriMo 2020. It's drafted, now it needs significant edits. I hope to release it in 2021.

Contemporary Romance #2

Titles are the last thing I give a work in progress. Contemporary romance #2 is the sequel to contemporary romance #1. Don't you love my logic? I want to write it in 2021.

Two Sides of the Story

I have the privilege of participating in a paranormal historical fiction anthology. Details to follow.

The Shopkeeper Anthology 

This is a collaboration of romance authors. Release date November 2021.