Structural Edits & Workshops

I extend structural editing and beta reading services. My specialty genres are romance and fantasy but I'll happily look at your manuscript if it falls into another category. I'm afraid I don't read dark fiction or horror. 

I also extend writing workshops. Topics include: 

  1. Character agency and conflict 
  2. Aligning plot beats with tropes 
  3. Structuring a series 
  4. Custom topics 

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"I had a manuscript that just felt lifeless like I'd beaten the life out of it and I could not objectively see what needed to be fixed. I asked Renée to beta read it and give her opinion. Renée took painstaking effort to read my manuscript, carefully examine the style and prose and gave valuable feedback on whichever aspects of the work I asked for. I was most concerned with readability and continuity; not only did I get feedback on that, Renée was so thorough that I got much, MUCH more! After Renée's review, I went to work on revisions and I feel like it's a brand new novel. I will not stop singing Renée's praises; she's earned them!" -A.P.

Renée Gendron is a great beta reader. She approaches each story with the writer's best interests at heart. She points out vague passages and nudges tangents back on the main line again. As the passages become clearer and more focused, the author's purpose shines more brightly. KJ Cartmell, author of the teen love story The Gospel of Thomas, and the Liam Wren series. HPFF and HPFT.