Two Hearts on the Backspin

Two Hearts on the Backspin

“I’ll spoil it with my clothes, then. Bright-red thong with matching bra and yellow flip-flops. I’ll bring a speaker and put it on max and blast podcast on people picking their noses and smacking their lips.”

“Damn it, Alessia. Not today. Get on that bus and behave.”

Alessia sliced the air with her hand in a whatever gesture. “I think someone’s trying to get your attention.” 

“What? Who?” Carlotta turned. 

The full force of Brandon’s gaze met her.

The relationship they’d ended sixteen years ago might as well have ended a month ago.

The angles on Brandon Jenkins’ cheekbones were sharper, his face thinner but not saggy with age. 

His shoulders were just as square but somehow rounded with burden.

He had a touch of grey on his temples, the bony knot on his nose was a little more pronounced, but he was still as handsome as ever. Even more so. 

A golden filament of sparkling memories and heated nights flamed her cheeks. The fights, the make-up sex, the BBQs they had hosted for friends, the promises they make to one another, and those they broke

Those cursed tears returned to burn her eyes.

His father, Howard, yelled at him, and Brandon snapped to attention like the good little boy he was.

The game resumed, with Brandon serving.

“Is that perve looking at me?” Alessia asked.

Teenagers and their egos. “He’s not a pervert and he wasn’t looking at you.” 

Who is he, then?”

The man who should have been the father of Carlotta’s child.